Two awards for KAOS Architects


On 6 December at the ceremony of Estonian Architecture Awards 2019, KAOS Architects were rewarded with the Annual Award of the Estonian Association of Interior Achitects and the annual Remodelling Award of the Architecture Endowment of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

The latter award was presented to KAOS Architects for three projects: Haapsalu Castle, the Estonian Embassy in Moscow and Park Hotel Viljandi. The award of the Estonian Association of Interior Architects was made for the deconversion of Park Hotel Viljandi.

The award of the Cultural Endowment was commented on by the jury as follows: ‘The jury recognises KAOS Architects for three integral remodelling projects: the visiting centre and museum at Haapsalu Castle, Park Hotel Viljandi and the Estonian Embassy in Moscow. Delicate treatment of details, respectful attitude to heritage, professional integration of old and new architectural languages into a whole. KAOS’s works provide equal opportunities to layers created in different eras. In addition to the respectfulness, something sharp and innovative has always been introduced to keep the intrigue up and encourage a serious revision of the habitual picture.’

The awards are as if a birthday present for KAOS Architects, established exactly a decade ago by Margit Argus and Margit Aule. By now, the firm has extensive experience in creating modern experimental architecture, often in dialogue with heritage.

The award-winning projects show once again that best results come through cooperation. We are grateful to everyone who participated in those projects, and would like to extend our special thanks to our clients for trusting us, the masterful builders and other cooperation partners. Our thanks also go to the Cultural Endowment and the Estonian Association of Interior Achitects. We are honoured by the recognition.

Vendo Jugapuu