Pop-up Shop

In 2012, the pop-up shop Disain, loomulikult! ('Design, naturally!'), i.e. an exhibition/sale of sustainable design for the festival 'German Spring' was opened in Iida gallery. For just ten days, the white-walled gallery had to be transformed into an exhibition and sale room for clothes and accessories from Estonian and German designers.

The best tool for exhibiting a considerable number of clothes is a garment rack — and that gave us the idea of using a black bent metal pipe that would inscribe the white environment with its new graphic line pattern. The metal pipe met all the needs of the exhibition. It could be used for hanging clothes by means of hangers and bags by means of hooks; for shoes and folded clothes, the pipe was equipped with shelves. Even the brand names were attached to the pipe.

The components of the metal pipe were prefabricated in a factory and later assembled on the spot within a couple of hours without any damage to the room.

The exhibited designers used innovative, ecologically sustainable materials and technologies, thereby offering a contrast to fast fashion and irresponsible overconsumption. The design was later disassembled and reused for another exhibition.

Iida gallery, Suur-Karja 2, Tallinn, Estonia
87 m²
Goethe-Institut Estland (Goethe Institute in Estonia)
Direct commission
Margit Argus, Margit Aule
Completed in 2012