Lighthouse-Keeper’s Complex

Viirelaid is a relatively newly born islet in the strait of Väinameri between Muhu island and mainland western Estonia. The strait is nowadays navigable only for shallow-draught vessels but in the 19th century, Viirelaid with its lighthouse used to be an important waymark by the sea lane between Riga, Latvia, and St. Petersburg, Russia. The only trees and buildings on the islet are in the yard of the former lighthouse-keeper’s complex.

In addition to the existing lighthouse, the lighthouse-keeper’s residence was remodelled and the complex was extended by a sauna building and a seminar building. The new buildings, matching the old ones in terms of form, are simple, functional and made of materials as natural as possible; their walls and roofs are clad in larch boarding.

Islet of Viirelaid, Saare county, Estonia
445 m²
Paternoster OÜ
Direct commission
Sander Aas, Margit Argus, Margit Aule, Hannes Koppel
Completed in 2016