Project ‘Pollen’ realized in Estonia as part of Estonia 100


Today, 16 sculptures across Estonia received a blue, black and white striped hat or scarf. The idea was produced by Marceau Couve and KAOS Architects.

The project, which originally placed second in the competition for an international installation to mark the 100th anniversary of the Estonian State, was now materialised in Estonia. On the occasion of the centenary of the Republic, the Estonian Tricolour (blue, black and white) has landed all over the country like pollen. Existing sculptures belonging to Estonia’s heritage, like ‘Hämarik’ in the heart of Tallinn or the Lion in the city of Narva, have been reactivated in this manner.

The statues to be pollinated with hats or scarves were selected somewhat randomly in a good sense, and the semantic field has been left open, as the idea of Estonia is extensive. The pollination has been dignified, though, with the touch of the authors of the project, the knitters and those who placed the hats and scarves.

The scarves and hats were made by knitters of Põlva Handicrafts Club, Hiiumaa Handicrafts Society, MTÜ Omaabi, and Uljas & Daughters.