Main building of Kohtla mining park now open


After decades of idleness, the former sorting and loading station of Kohtla mining complex, now a museum, has undergone thorough renovation. In addition to the fascinating exhibition, the building has a new function: it is now the start and end point of all visits to Kohtla mining park.

The interior architecture and exhibition were designed by KAOS Architects (Margit Argus and Margit Aule).

‘Working out the concept was easy for us. The old factory department enthused us as soon as we saw it and as avid admirers of industrial heritage, we were left with a spatial impression that became our primary source of inspiration,’ said Margit Aule.

‘Our design provides for the preservation of the existing plant and room structure to a maximum extent. A spectacular effect is created already by the view from the entrance, extending through the open space to the old rusty gapes, which were used to route oil shale from the bin to the railway wagon. We also integrated the exhibits into the existing machinery in order to give dominance to the room rather than to the added elements,’ commented Margit Argus.

The exhibition extends through five levels, and besides the history of the mining park, the visitor will learn about oil shale and power engineering in general.

Arno Mikkor