KAOS Architects win 1st prize for new interior of TTK University of Applied Sciences


KAOS Architects authored the winning entry of the design contest for new interior architecture of TTK University of Applied Sciences (Tallinna Tehnikakõrgkool). The design has been created by Margit Argus and Margit Aule, assisted by Kaur Käärma, and the graphic design was produced by Janar Siniloo.

The design contest was aimed at finding a modern and open solution for the interior of the university building, originally constructed in 1953 as an example of Socialist Classicism, or Stalinism, in architecture.

The winning design was characterised by the jury as novel, functional and lightful, organically uniting the indoor and outdoor spaces of the main building and meeting the university’s image goals of openness and youthfulness. The introduction of integrated areas in common use was rated highly by the jury: a new ‘traffic junction’ has been envisaged for the heart of the school by a bold rearrangement of common rooms.

Today, the building leaves a stern and gloomy impression. The conceptual design proposed by KAOS Architects maintains the grandiosity of the space but intervenes in order to open it, improve it in terms of functionality and bring in freshness with the colourful additions to the interior.

KAOS Arhitektid