Haapsalu Castle opens doors to the medieval age


Today, the renovated Episcopal Castle and its Castle Museum were opened in Haapsalu. The 13th-century castle is among the best preserved fortresses in Estonia. The conservation and renovation works saved the monument from deterioration and converted it into a modern visiting centre to serve as an important milestone in developing tourism in the region.

The conservation and renovation design has resulted in a journey along the walls and inside the castle, inviting the guests to take a look at the castle structure and the picturesque town of Haapsalu from an unusual vantage point high above, and to experience the medieval environment from another level. The gardens on the roof terraces, the path floating along the walls and the elegant pavilion bring in freshness and provide a contrast to the dark and stony exhibition inside.

In addition to the task of finding an architectural balance, the renovation process was quite a challenge technologically: there were a lot of problems to be solved, including those concerning indoor climate or different materials. It was an honour for us to participate in this project. We would like to thank the Foundation of Haapsalu and Läänemaa Museums, AS Restor and the rest of the project team for fantastic cooperation.

Head designer, interior architecture, architecture, exhibition design: KAOS Architects (Margit Argus, Margit Aule, Elo-Liina Kaivo, Laura Ojala)

Conservation: Vana Tallinn (Elo Sova)

Structural engineering: Ehitusekspertiisibüroo (Tõnu Vana, Tiit Bürkland)

Landscape design: Kristiina Hellström

Heating, ventilation, water and sewerage systems: Hevac

Electricity: Edites

Lighting design: Marko Kuusik, Siim Porila

Graphic identity: Katri Haarde (KAAK) and Jaana Davidjants

Graphic design: Stuudio Stuudio

Constructor: Restor

Principal: Foundation of Haapsalu and Läänemaa Museums