Consolation prize in design competition for ministeral building


Today, the results of the architectural design competition for the Ministries Building at Suur-Ameerika 1, Tallinn, Estonia, were publicised. A consolation prize was awarded to the entry ‘Duaal’, submitted by KAOS Architects and ASUM Architects (Margit Argus, Margit Aule, Katrin Vilba).

KAOS Architects’ entry was characterised by the jury as ‘visually modern, emanating a certain freshness. A literal comparison with a heap of papers would not be an exaggeration.’

As the authors of ‘Duaal’ elaborate their vision, ‘In terms of urban planning, the new Ministerial Building would be located on an important axis and be well observable. The positions had been fixed already by earlier designs and detailed plans; the new face that we propose would be light and structured in a friendly manner. The multiple cornices would serve a practical purpose, providing for shades against the sunlight. By their appearance, the towers would convey a message of a green, sustainable and friendly city. The sparkle of the airy general impression would be further refined by the green glass and greenery on terraces. Elegance would be provided by the dark grey window frames and use of the partially dark grey exterior materials.’

KAOS Arhitektid