Consolation prize from design contest fro Tõrva Central Square


Our work ‘Jõemaastik’ (‘Riverscape’) earned a consolation prize in the architectural design competition for the central square of the town of Tõrva, southern Estonia. According to the jury, the entry caught attention by introducing a river valley through Noorus park up to the lake of Veskijärv. ‘Jõemaastik’ was authored by Toomas Adrikorn, Margit Aule and Liisa Valdmann.

The competition was aimed at converting Tõrva’s central square, Noorus park and its immediate surroundings into a multifunctional, attractive public space, uniting different neighbourhoods of Tõrva.

We based our vision on the point that Tõrva’s landscape has been moulded by flowing water. A beautiful riverscape traverses Tõrva as a dominant spatial element, giving the town its characteristic appearance together with the lakes. In a wider sense, even the public space and green areas flow through the town like a river. We emphasised this association in our entry.

We modelled a new space by means of a landscape that looks as if it has been created by flowing water, opening access to water from the central square. The water that has shaped the landscape and valley need not be visible, as it has already done its work. Now there is just the landscape and a memory of water. We added some air in our entry by redefining the central square, planning a spatial incision in the Noorus park area and thereby connecting the square and the lake, both visually and physically.

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