3rd prize in design contest for stairs between Pirogov Park and Tähetorni square in Tartu


An architectural design contest was held by the city of Tartu in southern Estonia for a better connection between Pirogov park and the observatory square (Tähetorni plats) on Toomemägi hill, all in the very centre of the city. Pirogov park and the nearby town hall square (Raekoja plats) are both popular as hangouts. For that reason, KAOS Architects’ design was based on an idea to create, instead of just narrow stairs, a wider connecting area with a staired square that could be used for sitting, staying and hanging out. In terms of city space, the notional axis from the town hall square to the old observatory is not a straight line but rather winding, and so was the set of stairs proposed by KAOS Architects.

The results of the design contest were announced on 11 November 2016. KAOS Architects were awarded the 3rd prize.

KAOS Arhitektid